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Our sister organizations:

AChemS  - The Association for Chemoreception Sciences (AChemS) is an international association that advances understanding of the senses of taste and smell. We encourage basic, clinical, and applied research in the chemical senses (gustation, olfaction and trigeminal sensation). To this end, we promote an appreciation of chemosensory research, represent the interests of the chemosensory research community, and serve as a resource for those requiring chemosensory expertise.

JASTS - The Japanese Organization for the Study of Taste and Smell. The purpose of JASTS is to advance the development of extensive research concerning taste and smell. To this end, they hold annual scientific meetings, publish quarterly the Japanese Journal of Taste and Smell Research (in Japanese), and participate in international enterprises, in co-operation with AChemS, ECRO and/or other related organizations, to contribute the development of the study of Taste and Smell.

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