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First Women in Olfactory Science event 2017


A message from Valentina Parma:

Join us in Trieste, Italy on October 5-6th for the first Women In Olfactory Science (WIOS) event. Founded in early 2016 by chemosensory research scientists Valentina Parma (International School for Advanced Studies, SISSA, Italy), Sanne Boesveldt (Wageningen University, The Netherlands), and Veronika Schöpf (University of Graz, Austria), WIOS represents the first international network of women working in human olfactory science, with the goal to validate women research achievements as well as networking opportunities for women scientists at different stages of their career.

As evident from our full program (available in the website), we can count on a diversity of speakers varying in seniority and backgrounds, which will create opportunities - especially for women - to share their experiences during the event with scientists at any level of career. Anyone is welcome to register as an attendee. For further information and update feel free to check the website (, our Facebook page ( or contact

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