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Go backsubmitted by Thierry Thomas-Danguin

Full-time research scientist at INRA Dijon (France)


Title of recruitment campaign

Open competitions for Junior Research Scientists

Research theme

Multimodal approaches to sensory perception

Profile number




Scientific discipline

Process engineering

Title of competitive entry examination

Food science and technology


Geographical region


Name of unit

UMR 1324 - Centre des Sciences du Goût et de l'Alimentation

Address of unit

17 rue Sully, 21 000 DIJON

Website of unit

Structure to which the unit is attached

CEPIA Science and process engineering of agricultural products

Centre in which the unit is based



Key activities and required skills:

This position will contribute to the institute's research on the Determinants of dietary behaviour and their impact on health and well-being (DIDIT) metaprogramme. Within a team seeking to explain sensory properties according to food composition and oronasal physiology factors, the researcher will conduct research on multimodal sensory interactions. The aim will be to study the physicochemical, physiological and cognitive mechanisms governing these interactions to assess their determinants and consequences on food flavour and appreciation.


Training required :

PhD or equivalent. Specialisation in chemistry, physiology or food science would be desirable. Skills in psychophysiology of the chemical senses would complement the unit's physicochemical and sensory expertise. Candidates should have a good command of English. Successful candidates who have not yet acquired postdoctoral training will be required to do so, preferably abroad, after their probationary period (1st year) and before being eligible for promotion to an Experienced Research Scientist position (CR1).

Responsible scientific inquiry before any nomination


Thierry Thomas Danguin


+33 (0)3 80 69 30 84


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