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Go backsubmitted by Patricia NAGNAN-LE MEILLOUR

Master 2 funded by French ANR (ASAP): Identification of odours involved in the male effect in sheep.

  1. In sheep, reproduction occurs only once a year, when the day length is decreasing in autumn. At any other moment, males and females are sexually quiescent. Induction of ovulation in sexually quiescent females by exposure to a sexually active male is known as the “ram effect” (or male effect). A complete reproductive response can be induced by exposure to ram fleece alone, even if in fewer ewes and with different neuroendocrine modalities. The molecules involved in the male effect have not yet been identified.

    One of the goals of the “PHEROMALE” project financed by French ANR is to identify these compounds. Fleece has been collected from the same male, at sexually active period (November) and sexually inactive period (may). Comparison of samples coming from the same male contributes to reduce inter-individual variability. Compounds will be extracted from fleece and identified by gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (GC-MS).

  2. Contact: - tel: + 33 3 20 43 40 10

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