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PhD Studentship: ion channel-based biosensors
submitted by Ecro
from Edith Pajot Development of biosensors based on G Protein-Coupled receptors linked to an ion channel for integration in nanoelectronic platforms Subject. G Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) are membrane proteins invo...

Master 2 funded by French ANR (ASAP): Identification of odours involved in the male effect in sheep.
submitted by Patricia NAGNAN-LE MEILLOUR
In sheep, reproduction occurs only once a year, when the day length is decreasing in autumn. At any other moment, males and females are sexually quiescent. Induction of ovulation in se...

Master and/or PhD positions in studies of top-down modulation of early sensory processing
submitted by Markus Rothermel
Positions for PhD students (ā€˛Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiterā€¯, salary on TVL basis) and master students are now available in the lab of Dr. Markus Rothermel, Emmy Noether Research group of Neuromodulation at the RWTH Aach...

Taste Bud Ultrastructure and Connectivity
submitted by Thomas Finger
            The Univ. Colorado Sch. Medicine is seeking a postdoctoral researcher who will investigate the 3D ultrastructure of taste buds using Serial Blockface...

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